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2018 UNSW Netball registration


Welcome to UNSW Netball.  Additional information can be found on our Facebook page "UNSW Netball"

On the following page:

If you played with us last year or another association you'll have a login in for Mynetball - your email address will be the login and use the forgotten password link to create a password.  A link to update your password will be generated and will be valid for 2 hours.

If you're having difficulty, there maybe an issue with your inputted email or no email address registered - please email I maybe able to assist.

If you are completely new to Netball, use the create a login in link.

Additional instructions can be found here 

A summary of your available purchase options are listed below.
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Registration Products
Senior non playing members
For umpires, managers, coaches who don't intend playing the 2018 season
Senior players - current UNSW students
If you are a current UNSW Student
Senior players - Non UNSW students & UNSW Netball life members
If you are a student at an institution other than UNSW and UNSW Netball life members
Senior players - UNSW Alumni & UNSW Staff
If you are an ex student or staff member of UNSW
Senior players - other members
If you are not a current or ex student or staff member of UNSW, not a current student else where or a life member of UNSW Netball
Junior Player 15 - 17 yrs 2018
Players aged 15years - 17 years
Other Products
UNSW Uniform Dress
UNSW Uniform Dress - required
UNSW Fleece zip hoodie
UNSW Fleece zip hoodie - optional


You can pay online at the checkout using secure online credit card payments.