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2019 Senior State Titles/Masters Representative Player Application (Opens, 35s 40s, Social Masters)


Please indicate which applicable team/s you are submitting this application for.

State Titles Applicants (Opens) note that Senior State Titles will be on the June long weekend, 8, 9, 10 June 2019.  A selection process will take place after the closing date.  Dates to be advised.

35s, 40s and Social Masters Applicants note that Masters State Titles will be held on a weekend in October 2019. 

A selection process will take place after the closing date, except for Social Masters where teams can self-nominate as a team.  Dates to be advised.

Please note after selections have taken place a deposit of $100 MUST BE PAID before training commences for Opens, 35s and 40s.

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