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Waverley Night Netball Association Inc.

Waverley Night Netball Association - Netball Victoria Membership Registration Form 2019


This is for a Waverley Night NA Membership and Netball Victoria Membership. 


If you have already purchased a Netball Victoria Membership you need to complete this process again to be a member of WAVERLEY NIGHT NA / WAVERLEY NETBALL CENTRE.


A summary of your available purchase options are listed below.
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Registration Products
Waverley Night / NV Senior Membership 2019
Born on or before 31/12/2001 (18 & over)
Waverley Night / NV Off the Court Membership 2019
Committee Members, Administrators, Volunteers, Parents & Spectators (noting players, coaches, umpires and bench officials must be a current Senior, Junior or AA member)
Waverley Night / NV Junior Membership 2019
Born between 01/01/2002 - 31/12/2008 (11 - 17 years)
Other Products
There are no other products available.


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