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Welcome to Pittwater Peninsula Netball's 2018 Online Registration.

Online Registration opens on 5/1/2018 .

For all queries please contact

Please refer to our website for all team formation dates and information about the 2018 Netball season.
The 2018 season commences Saturday 7/4/2018

If you have a MyNetball ID and Password, please start over and use those details to begin the signup process. You can check to see if you are on MyNetball already by following these steps on this page If you don't have a MyNetball ID please continue your registration.

MWNA have introduced a credit card sized player card for all players 10yrs- Seniors.
Existing players do not need to supply a photo however new players and all 10year players do need to supply a photo

If you are a 10year old player or a new player to our club, once players have completed their online registration they are required to supply a digital photo file, as per the requirements on the front page of our website to;

Registration is not complete until photo is received.

Please note all NEW players - NSG, juniors and U/17's players are required to supply a copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport  page to;

We look forward to a great 2018 Season!

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You can pay online at the checkout using secure online credit card payments.