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Winter 2018 Registration All Grades SADNA & AMND



Welcome to the Winter 2018 Registration Process. 

Please register to trial via the links below. This will take you through to the registration process as required by Netball Australia as it is linked to the national MyNetball database.

  • If you have ever played netball in SA or indeed Australia, you should already be listed as a registered netball player therefore each of you will already have your own unique ID.
  • Please ensure you look yourself up first from the “Existing Participants” box rather than using new participants to register to trial otherwise you will be creating a second profile for yourself.
  • Once logged into your profile, it is important you please check and update your contact details.  Please include your current mobile and email address as this will be used to contact you during the season.

Note:– Full Payment of Registration Fees to be paid online at time of registration – should you not be successful in gaining a position with the club, you will be refunded the registration fee less $50 Nomination Fee. If you withdraw after trials and prior to being advised you have been placed in a team , you will be refunded your Registration fee less $100.00 ( Nomination and Admin fee ).   Should you withdraw after being advised that you have been selected in a team , no refund will be provided. 


Registration Fees are payable in full at time of registration for trials 2018. 

Despite increases in the operating expenses of the Club , the Committee has decided to maintain the same fees for Winter 2018 

Sub Primary and Primary Players – Registration Fee 2018 – $285

Sub Junior & Junior Players  – Registration Fee 2018 – $300

Intermediate and Senior Players - Registration Fee 2018 - $335

Note – Should there be 3 or more players from one family, the club is willing to apply a part refund to fees. To apply for this and or any other special concessions relating to registrations please contact Club Treasurer via our Secretary as below. These applications will be processed following team announcements on 3rd April 2018. 


All Registrations to trial must be completed online (unless special approved circumstances approved by the Secretary) no later than WEDNESDAY 24th JANUARY 2018    


Please refer to the Club Website and Facebook page for details. 

A summary of your available purchase options are listed below.
What would you like to do?
Registration Products
Sub Primary - SADNA (Golden Grove) Summer 2018/19
Sub Primary Born 2009 & 2010
Primary - SADNA (Golden Grove) Summer 2018/19
Primary Born 2007 & 2008
Sub Junior - SADNA (Golden Grove) Summer 2018/19
Sub Junior Born 2005 & 2006
Junior - SADNA (Golden Grove) Summer 2018/19
Junior Born 2003 & 2004
Intermediate - SADNA (Golden Grove) Summer 2018/19
Inters Born 2001 & 2002
Senior - SADNA (Golden Grove) Summer 2018/19
Senior Born 2000 or earlier
Other Products
Intermediate Balance of Fees ( Where Regn fee of $150 was paid in Nov 17)
Balance Winter18 Season Fees


You can pay online at the checkout using secure online credit card payments.