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2018 Mont Albert Netball Registration


Mont Albert Netball Club Registration

Netball Victoria Membership

Welcome to our new Registration system which now includes your Club Registration and Netball Victoria Membership.

Club Membership is $250 for Winter and Spring Season

Netball Victoria Membership please select:

Junior Registration
Senior Registration
Off the Court Membership
Senior – Non Playing

Netball Victoria membership is compulsory for ALL players, umpires and coaches.  This fee is payable once a year and no player can commence the season without their Netball Victoria membership paid.

Some members may have already paid their 2018 Netball Victoria membership with Representative teams/other teams. Regardless, you still need to continue this registration process but you will find that the Netball Victoria membership fee is automatically discounted ie $0, so you don't pay twice.

A summary of your available purchase options are listed below.
What would you like to do?
Registration Products
Junior Registration ($250.00 + $53.00)
Players, Umpires, Coaches born between 01/01/2000 - 31/12/2011 - 7-13 years
Senior Membership ($250.00 + $73.00)
Players, Umpires, Coaches born on or before 31/12/2000
Off the Court Netball Victoria Membership ($41.00)
Committee Members, Administrators, Volunteers, Parents & Spectators (noting players, coaches and umpires must be current Senior or Junior members)
Netball Victoria Membership - Senior (no registration) ($73.00)
For coaches and umpires not playing
Other Products
MANC Dress Child ($75.00)
MANC Dress Child
MANC Dress Adult ($75.00)
MANC Dress Adult
MANC Hoodie Child ($65.00)
MANC Hoodie Child
MANC Hoodie Adult ($65.00)
MANC Hoodie Adult


You can pay online at the checkout using secure online credit card payments.